One Shungite Raw Stone, Colombia. Choose Your Size
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Choose your size from the menu! Photos show different variations in size, from smaller to larger! Bear in mind each crystal are products of nature, so the measurements will not be exact, may have imperfections, & nether two are the same. Photos were taken in Sunlight! ❤️ Maximize your shopping experience by going to my store here: Search Keywords such as: Quartz Crystal, Zeolite, Malachite, Lapis, Azurite, etc. Or, browse through the different sections! Message me for more info! ❤️ To learn more, check out my website: My YouTube Channel for Metaphysical Information: All Stones/Crystals/Minerals in this listing are energetically enhanced with powerful metaphysical energy. This permanent fixture comes as a FREE gift with the listing! I strive to provide competitive market value prices on each individual item based only on the quality, uniqueness, & availability of each item. LessHighly recommend washing hands after handling raw shungite! One Shungite Raw Stone, Colombia. Choose Your Size



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