Pipka Two By Santa Memories Of Christmas
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Pipka Two by Two Santa Memories of Christmas Mint condition. Never Used! Opened only to photograph. Part of Collectors Club offerings - issued for only one year 6"H Two by Two Santa Design #11330 2000 Prizm Inc Made in China Noah had a very big job. Not only did he have to build the ark, but then God commanded him to take the animals into the ark, a male & a female of every species. the Two by Two Santa has come to help Noah with this daunting task. He holds the list of animals in his hand while directing traffics into the ark. Noah has told him that this will be a long journey, so Santa had brought along toys for the children to play with during their confinement in the ark. A handy umbrella is hooked over his own arm & a paddle adorns his sack. The Two By Two Santa lens a helping hand. bridging the Old Testament story of Noah with the New Testament story of Christmas. Artist Pipka Ulvilden is a nationally-known & award-winning folk artist based out of Door County Wisconsin. She first created her highly collectible Old World Santa's starting in 1995 & she recently retired in 2020. Her Intricately detailed Santa figurines are the result of extensive research into the historical & cultural theme of each individual Santa. Every Santa has a story or represents the traditions of a country. Created from cold cast resin & meticulously hand painted, Pipka Santa's are famous for their highly detailed & realistic faces. The artist often used models for the faces & the realistic flowing clothing. These beautiful old world Santa's are a perfect addition to your Santa collection & festive Christmas decorations. Pipka Two By Santa Memories Of Christmas



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