Wooden Name Puzzle, Montessori Custom Puzzle Birthday Gift Toddler
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Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle, Montessori Puzzle, Stocking Filler, 1st Birthday, Nursery Decor, Name Learning, Custom Name Lowercase Details about the custom name puzzle: Made of baltic birch base & walnut plywood letters. The base is 0.37" thick, 4.5" tall, & the length varies depending on the number of letters. The letters are slightly raised for easy grabbing. Kids like to dump the letters out when they're finished with the puzzle, so that works too Large Letters Wooden Name Puzzle: The Uppercase letters are 2.75" Tall (and so are the lowercase ascenders & descenders (example: b, p, g) The regular lowercase letters are 1.75" tall. The puzzle & letters are light weight & can be easily handled by kids. The back of the puzzle is plain, but you can choose to add a message. The message will be laser engraved on the back in an easy to read font. The base & letters are sanded smooth & sealed with Tried & True Wood Oil. The letters have smooth edges & have been rounded so that they don't have sharp corners. Each letter is hand sanded & checked for smoothness. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product. We wouldn't ship out a product that we wouldn't want our own children to use. Each name puzzle is treated as if we make it for our own kids. We always strive for perfect quality. This custom wooden name puzzle has a mix of uppercase/capital first letter & lowercase letters to help the child learn the letters & spell their name the way they see it most often, & the way they are expected to write their name. By repeatedly seeing the name with both capital & lowercase letters, the child will learn to spell their name well. in Montessori schools they teach lowercase letters first, as this is the most common way the child sees the letters printed. Beginning reader books, advertising materials, newspaper & magazine articles, they're all written in a combination of uppercase & lowercase. You wouldn't have a child read a book printed in all uppercase! Because the child is exposed to proper capitalization when they are exposed to text, their name puzzle should follow the same rules. Have the child's name puzzle in the format they will see their name most often. This custom personalized wooden name puzzle was designed based on the Montessori approach of teaching the letters in lowercase first. This is because most of the letters the child encounters in reading books & materials are in lowercase. An elegant, quality custom wooden name puzzle is an invaluable tool to have the child learn though play. They will be able to recognize the letters in their name & will learn how to properly spell it too. The name puzzles are simple & nice & they help the children with their fine motor skills, letter shape & form recognition. The name puzzle also aids with spatial awareness, how pieces fit together based on shape & form. Learning how to spell their name & what letters make up their name is a great way to enhance their literacy skills. The name puzzle also makes a



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