I'd Hit That Funny Bowling Team Player Personalized Engraved Key Chain - Senior Night Or Banquet Gifts League
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This key chain is engraved on a stainless steel disk measures 30mm in diameter. It is securely attached to a stainless steel round key ring. Finished size is roughly 60mm. The matte finish back can be engraved with your own message, names and/or dates. They can fit a good amount of text but keep in mind the more text you have the smaller the font will be. FAQ: Can we change the names & dates, etc shown on these? Yes of course. The pictures are samples done up to show what can be done as an example to go by. Just put what names, etc in the box at the check out or box marked personalization depending how you are shopping etsy. FAQ: What does the option Engrave Back mean? If this item asks if you want to engrave back what that means is - do you want us to engrave something on the back of the product - such as a name, date, personal message or even the same thing. If you want to have something engraved on the back (opposite side of the sample design) then choose YES If you want the back blank then select NO. If you select yes YOU MUST TELL US in the personalization box or notes at the checkout what you want us to engrave on the back. If you do not tell us we will not engrave anything on the back as it does not kick up to us that you wanted something engraved on the back. FAQ: Is there a character limit for what we can engrave on the back? No there is not really a limit & but do keep in mind the more wording the smaller the font. A good amount can be engraved on the back though. FAQ: Can we return items? Personalized items are not returnable. Sorry FAQ: Are these printed on or will they fade? No, these are laser engraved meaning the laser burns (or reacts) with the metal & leaves a permanent mark on the surface. They may not be a perfect true black since its not a printed item. If yours looks slighted brownish or blurred take a clean cloths & rub the engraving. There could be some burn residue left from engraving. FAQ: I got my item & it seems like its not white in the picture. These are not white. The sample pictures are taken in a light tent. Stainless steel (or sterling silver if a sterling item) is highly reflective so the pictures reflect the white from the top of the light tent. They are a shiny metal "color". FAQ: There are tiny lines or scratches in my item The items leave us without any large marks or scratches on them. They can have fine lines or small imperfections as that is the nature of stainless steel. They are polished & cleaned after engraving to remove the burn residue so they can have small swirling from that. These make great stocking stuffers & gifts as well as for school banquets & events, wedding favors & promotional giveaways. Email us about quantity discounts. If you do not see what you are looking for drop us an email FAQ: What does Engrave Back mean? If this item asks if you want to engrave back what that means is - do you want us to engrave something on the back such as a name or personal message. If you do select yes or



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