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STENCIL ExISTING TILES: Give your tiles a makeover with our fabulous border stencils. Repeatable stencil border designs. Our tile border stencils are made for stenciling individual tiles & are available in a wide range of standard tile sizes (custom sizes available). Match with any other designs in our tile stencil range. Suitable for tiles inside or out. Bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls & patios! NOT JUST FOR TILES: Our border stencils are not just for tiles! Simply use as a repeating border on any surface including walls, furniture or fabric. WE SHIP FAST! We aim to dispatch your order within a working day of receipt of your order. Please allow reasonable time for your order to be delivered. SIZE INFO: If painting existing tiles, simply measure the width of your tile, not including grout. We make all our border tile stencils a tiny bit smaller to allow for beveled & rough edges on the tile. The stencil has corner alignment marks to make it easy to place on your existing tiles. 2 inch - 5.08cm 3 inch - 7.62cm 4 inch - 10.16cm 5 inch - 12.7cm 6 inch - 15.24cm 8 inch - 20.32cm 10inch - 25.4cm 12inch - 30.48cm 13inch - 33cm 14inch - 35.56cm 16inch - 40.64cm 18inch - 45.72cm 19.6 inch - 50cm 23.6 inch - 60cm CUSTOM SIZES: Not all tiles are standard sizes. If you would like an alternative size just purchase the next size up & let us know your exact measurement when ordering - we'll adjust the stencil to fit. STENCILING: Stenciling is great fun. Just add paint! You can wash it & reuse it as many times as you need. Simply position, paint & repeat to create the look you want. Use any colour paint you like to match your scheme & get creative! Just use the right paint for the surface you are stenciling. PRODUCT DETAILS: Reusable, washable. Can be used with any type of paint Made from durable, flexible 190 micron Mylar (plastic) film Designed & laser cut in the UK by The Stencil Studio Ltd You'll also need... Paint- any thick paint will do, just use the correct paint for the surface you are working on. Ask at your local DIY or paint store for their recommendation or check online for Tile painting tutorials. Stencil Brush or dense foam roller - use a flat ended stencil brush for best results (one for each colour). For larger stencils or when you want to cover a large area use a dense foam roller. Low tack stencil tape or repositionable spray adhesive - for holding the stencil in place whilst you paint it. How to stencil... 1. Fix the stencil in place using low tack stencil tape or spray mount adhesive. 2. Paint the stencil using the appropriate paint for the surface you're working on. Remember to blot excess paint before applying the brush or roller to the stencil. 3. When you're happy with the results & you've painted the whole stencil, simply remove it, reposition & start again. Stenciling Tutorials, more info & tips can be found on our website. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or advice. Follow us on social media



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