Lotus Flower Multi Layered, Wall Hanging, Spiritual Décor, Housewarming Gif | Wood Wall Decor Large Art
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Free international shipping Customizable! The magnificent décor element for your living space design which would provide elegancy & luxurious feeling yet remaining warm & cozy, this wooden art installation could be that missing design piece to fill the empty gaps, which brings your living space design all together. What it is: Wooden wall hanged art installation designed in Mandala, Sacred Geometry style inspired by the ancient Tibetan ritual technique involving a creation of Mandala by blowing a colorful sand in order to create a masterpiece of sacred geometrical shapes & symbols. High quality, wall hanging art is handmade, designed to provide your home with an everlasting source of beauty & fill the empty spaces in your apartment with a truly special décor element. The perfect decoration for your living room, bedroom & office or a truly unique gift idea for friends & loved ones! The meaning of mandalas: Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. in various spiritual traditions, mandalas are originally used as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space & as an aid to meditation & trance induction. in the Eastern cultures it is used as a map representing deities & spiritual state of mind & body, A mandala generally represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers. Our products are designed to visualize the spiritual journey of human mind & soul through the incredibly detailed elements from the patterns of the outer circle & the symbolistic of an inner circle which provides a unique mesmerizing décor element to your living space which cleanses body & soul. A truly unique gift idea for your friends & loved ones. How is it made: These mandalas are made from multiple layers of individually cut wood in order to create a unique, extremely well detailed design. Each mandala is made of high-quality birch plywood layers which is then forged together into a magnificently looking art-piece. Made from up to 12 individually cut out layers of plywood, with each of the layers being precisely cut out & forged together creating a truly unique, extremely well detailed apartment décor piece. Why choose us? Free shipping guarantee. We aim to provide a highest quality customer service with each one of our products being handcrafted & carefully inspected before being shipped. We provide our customers with extensive customization options, to place a custom order, please contact the shop directly :) Safe shipping guarantee: because we double pack our products to prevent them from being damaged or getting wet during the shipping process. We provide 14 days return policy & comply with the EU trading laws to ensure every customer satisfaction. #Interior décor #holiday décor #room decor #dorm decor #bedroom décor #boho décor #country décor #urban art #modern art #zen garden #asian art #yoga #spirituality #meditation #temple #Scandiavian décor #shabby chic décor #contemporary wall art #eclectic décor



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