Sneaky Squid | Drunken Dwarf The Legend Of Sunken Crew 28mm 32mm Dnd Pathfinder Tabletop Rpg Gaming Figurine
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Welcome to Gallivanter Minis. The Product: An unpainted 3D printed resin figurine for tabletop RPG & wargaming. Printed in 4k resolution using a resin blend that provides a pleasing navy grey matte finish, crisp detail, & impact resistance. Most models have a separated base, & some may require assembly. Scale: We measure a model's scale as the distance from ankle to eyeline on a 6 foot tall humanoid. This eliminates footwear, headgear, or hair from having an effect on the overall measurement. Consider this when choosing a scale for halflings, dwarves, half-giants, & other races with unique racial heights as they may end up much larger or smaller when compared to your human sized characters. Consistency: Different sculptors have different default sizes, but we do our best to make products from different sources match each other with consistency. This process is not perfect & there may be slight variation. As some models have unique sculpted bases, this may lead to those models having a slightly larger or smaller diameter base than others in its same scale. This is also true for models with a wide stance. Quality: 3D printing is not a perfect process, but we're confident in our quality. We inspect every model for print completion & take great care in removing support material. However, your model may contain minor surface flaws such as pock marks or scratches left from the support removal process. As you would with a mass produced injection molded figure, please inspect your minis for any necessary finishing, filing, or sanding before you begin priming & painting. If you find a model in unacceptable condition, please reach out so a solution can be reached. I aim to provide a "5 Star Experience." I hope you'll contact me if you find any aspect of your experience lacking zazz. Thank you all for your support! Ben H Gallivanter Minis Officially licensed seller of Drunken Dwarf models 28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder Fantasy Tabletop RPG Gaming Resin Miniature Figurine Sneaky Squid | Drunken Dwarf The Legend Of Sunken Crew 28mm 32mm Dnd Pathfinder Tabletop Rpg Gaming Figurine



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