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WE ARE OPENED: 50% DISCOUNT + FREE FAST EXPRESS DELIVERY 1 COLOR OF THE BOARD(PRIMARY) & UP TO 3-4 COLORS OF THE ELEMENTS + PERSONALIZATION IS FREE! Dimensions of the boards are: 30 x 40 cm [ 11.8 x 15.7 inches ] 50 x 40 cm [ 19.6 x 15.7 inches ] 60 x 40 cm [ 23.6 x 15.7 inches ] 50 x 60 cm [ 19.6 x 23.6 inches ] 50 x 70 cm [ 19.6 x 27.6 inches ] 60 x 80 cm [ 23.6 x 31.5 inches ] 100 x 60 cm [ 39.4 x 23.6 inches ] If you want to see more busy boards, please take a look into our shop, there you can find a lot of Busy Board with different designs, colors & parts. A Busy board is a development board with a large number of interactive elements: buttons, fasteners, switches, handles, laces, drawers, etc. The child learns to cope with the simplest mechanisms that he will encounter in everyday life. Fine motor skills & concentration of attention develop. Neural connections in the brain are formed up to 2 times faster. The effectiveness of business boards is recognized by leading psychologists! Eco-friendly & safe for Kids It's perfect toy for kids 1-4 years old to learn motoric skills & interested in kid for a long time. About materials: We are using only the high qualified materials & elements to the board The board base made from ECO plywood This is not harmful fumes & is intended for wooden toys production & it does not cause allergies to the kids. - Every corner/edge is rounded over & smooth-sanded - Safely fastened elements - Eco paints - we are using only eco coloring to the toys. Busy board contributes to the development of: fine motor skills (this is the ability to control your body & make small movements with your fingers in order to achieve a set task, this skill only begins to develop at the age of 1 year) logic & cause-and-effect relationships (the kid sees what his actions lead to what results & understands what needs to be done to open the door, etc.) memory (especially visual, sound & tactile, the better the development) perseverance & concentration of attention (something that is not typical of children initially; for example, the child's desire to open the door on the lock will force him to focus on his movements & bring the matter to the end, no matter how difficult it is) persistence in achieving the goal (if the child does not require help from you, do not interfere, give him the opportunity to do it himself - the joy of achieving the goal will strengthen his confidence in his own strength & increase self-esteem) 1 COLOR OF THE BOARD(PRIMARY) & UP TO 3-4 COLORS OF THE ELEMENTS + PERSONALIZATION IS FREE! CUSTOMIZATION - Wooden elements on the board can be in different colors & you are able customize & switch some elements you do not like - Personalization. If you want to personalize the board with the name of Kid. This is perfect option, especially for the gift :) FREE FAST EXPEDITED SHIPPING WITH DHL OR FEDEX Your order will be ready to ship in 7-14 business days. Shipping approximately USA: 2-6 business days. Canada: 4-7 business



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