Happier Embroidery/Olivia Rodrigo Fan Art Sour Album Embroidery/ Unique Wall Trendy /College Dorm
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Channel your inner SOUR with a cute 5 inch happier hoop. It will look cute next to its bestie hoop, good 4 u, also available in my Etsy shop. "I hope you're happy, but don't be happier" PLEASE NOTE: 1. My designs are made to order & each one will have slight variations 2. I embroider on a natural-colored pure linen-canvas fabric 3. Because it is a natural product, the color & imperfections of the fabric will SLIGHTLY vary between each product 4. Please allow 3-5 days for your embroidery hoop to be created before being shipped! Thank you for supporting my handmade business :) IMPORTANT Once your order is shipped I am not responsible/liable for the package. The United States Postal Service is responsible for delivery. If there are any problems with the delivery or a missing package, please reach out to me & I will do what I can to help. PER USPS: Please be aware that if your order shipped via USPS, due to staffing shortages, the Postal Service has not been consistently scanning packages or updating tracking information. Your order has shipped, but there may be a temporary lapse in tracking information & your status may show "Pre-transit". Stuck in "Pre-transit" Your order will be shipped in a brown envelope. Sometimes the USPS (bless them) doesn't scan in the tracking info on the letter AT ALL, resulting in your order status to be stuck in "pre-transit". When this happens, your order will deliver normally, but the tracking won't be valid. This is frustrating as I pay extra for a tracking number because Etsy requires it. "Delivered" but hasn't shown up yet Additionally, the "tracking number", that I'm required to purchase, on Etsy's letter labels is NOT an actual tracking number, but more like an INFORMED DELIVERY. It only shows when the black QR code square is ran through sorting equipment by zip code. It then becomes apart of a batch scan & are scanned at certain points along the way. When it is scanned as DELIVERED it is ONLY based on when that tray of letters should be in the delivering post office. It DOESN'T MEAN your letter will be delivered that day. It is extremely confusing because Etsy calls it a tracking number in their software, but it is not treated as a tracking number at the post office. After it's scanned as "delivered", your order delivers normally, AFTER. It usually takes a couple days, up to two weeks to show up, depending on how behind the post office is. It's frustrating, but the order always delivers. Like above, your envelope will deliver normally. DO NOT RELY ON THE "TRACKING NUMBER". Happier Embroidery/Olivia Rodrigo Fan Art Sour Album Embroidery/ Unique Wall Trendy /College Dorm



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