Genuine Hubei Turquoise Beads, Natural Turquoise Pendants, Barrel, Drum Stone, For Making Handmade Jewelry
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Real HuBei turquoise stone , each only one stock now, do not miss. 1.Material: natural undyed turquoise, gemstone beads,as photo, with natural flaws, so sale on, 2. size of bead, weigth 1# : approx 39mmx14mm, weight:9.7g 2# : approx 33mmx14mm, weight: 8.4g 3# : approx 30mmx16mm, weight:12.2g 4# : approx 28mmx17mm, weight: 11.2g 5# : approx 28mmx15mm, weight:8.3g 6# : approx 28mmx16mm, weight: 10g 7# : approx 25mmx18mm, weight:9.7g 8# : approx 25mmx18mm, weight:12.1g 9# : approx 28mmx16mm, weight:10.3g 10# : approx 31mmx13mm , weight: 9g 11# : approx 31mmx14mm, weight:8.7g 12# : approx 30mmx13mm, weight: 7.2g 13# : approx 30mmx14mm, weight:8g 14# : approx 27mmx13mm, weight: 6.9g 15# : approx 32mmx15mm, weight:9.2g 16# : approx 29mmx15mm, weight:8.1g 17# : approx 33mmx12mm, weight:6.9g 18# : approx 30mmx12mm, weight: 6g 19# : approx 27mmx11mm, weight:5.2g 20# : approx 24mmx14mm, weight:7.3g 21# : approx 28mmx14mm, weight:6.2g 22# : approx 24mmx12mm, weight:4.5g 23# : approx 29mmx12mm, weight:5.2g 24# : approx 27mmx13mm, weight:6.1g 25# : approx 29mmx15mm, weight:9.6g 3.This price is one bead 4. notice: I try my best to make the pictures true, but there will still be color deviation due to the light, monitor & image. If you really care, please don't buy it, or you can contact me to ask for pictures under various light & negatives. I will try my best to take pictures for you.Online sales, hope to have good communication, I will reply all your questions within 24 hours. 5.Returns:I accept returns. 1)Send me an email within 7 days & let me know the item is being returned. 2)I will refund your money after we recieve our merchandise. 3)Precondition:the item must be complete, unused, do not affect to sell it again. 4)The postage is not refundable. 7.If you aren't satisfied with your order, please contact with me. An error or misunderstanding can quickly be resolved. 8.Thanks for looking! Hope you will come back & look at my new merchandise. "Life is very much like a mirror:if you smile upon it,it smiles back upon you." Genuine Hubei Turquoise Beads, Natural Turquoise Pendants, Barrel, Drum Stone, For Making Handmade Jewelry



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