Fandomland Inspired Enamel Pins
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{Pin Details} -Size Caratland - 2 inches Monbebeland - 2.5 inches -Hard Enamel -Silver Plating -Rainbow glitter -2 Rubber Backings -Backing Card {Grading Scale} A Grade/Standard Grade Pins are handmade items & very few pins are perfect, but these come close. These are pins that have some very minor faults to them. Some of these minor faults include: -tiny bubbles -stray glitter -very minor enamel under fill -some light imperfections in the metal plating -light surface scuffing or light scratch on the enamel or metal -light or very small nicks on the enamel or metal -some plating imperfections on sides of pin -some minor dust on soft enamel -one slightly lose pin back B Grade These pins have noticeable flaws, some more minor or major than others. Some of the flaws that would qualify a pin as a B grade include: -noticeable or multiple areas of underfilled/overfilled enamel -moderately scuffed enamel or metal -multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating -multiple points of stray glitter -multiple air bubbles in the enamel -off-set screenprinted areas -noticeable amounts of dust on soft enamel -small gouges or marks on enamel -one noticeably loose pin back or two slightly lose C Grade Pins in this category have multiple & very noticable defects that prevent them from being listed as standard or even seconds with a significantly lower price to reflect. Some of these defects include: -large & very noticeable areas of scuffing -large or deep gouges in enamel -large or deep scratches in enamel -large areas of under filled enamel -multiple defects or imperfections in the metal plating -large & multiple air bubbles in soft or hard enamel -multiple areas where glitter has been misapplied -large or multiple areas of missing metal lines -multiple areas of enamel staining or discolored enamel -low quality enamel or metal work -significant areas of low-fill Fandomland Inspired Enamel Pins



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