Wood Storage Box For Popular Hex Shaped Board Games. Holds Complete Game & All The Pieces, Parts, Dice Cards | Laser Cut
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This is a complete storage system & custom laser cut wooden box made from Baltic Birch plywood. It was designed to store any of our standard 1/8" Baltic Birch boards -OR - the original cardboard hexes, borders, cards, booklets, player pieces, dice & everything from several popular board games. Replace your old cardboard box with this beautiful box, or add this to one of our boards for a one of a kind set. This will hold both the 2-4 board & the 5-6 board (Medium Box). We also have a large box in our store that will hold even larger hex board games (like Seafarers and/or Cities & Knights. Our box is completely assembled, sanded smooth but does not have any lacquer, stain or finish on it. (you can paint, stain yourself if you want or leave it just the way it is). This box is great to replace your flimsy cardboard box for your store-bought game, or is custom designed to hold our entire game sets as well. This sturdy laser cut Baltic Birch box has 3 main compartments: 1 - Front compartment stores all the borders & other cards, longer board components. 3 - Top right compartment holds all the standard hexes from our boards or any standard board game (including the cardboard store versions) 3 - Top Left compartment is designed to hold our card trays with the cards in place while you store them (so you don't have to sort them every time), as well as a nifty drawer bank with 6 drawers for game pieces, center number tiles, port tiles, dice, etc If you keep the drawer bank out, you can store all these in bags in the same space of the box. There is also about 1/4" on top of everything to store additional things (like scenario cards, Seafarers Borders, Cities & Knights cards, etc. If you have concerns about what will/will not fit in this box, please contact me & I will test it/send you pics before you order :) I also have a larger box on my store made specifically for Seafarers, Cities & Knights boards/components. Comes in 6 options for your needs: Option 2: Medium 5-6 Outside box w/Lid & built-in divider. This holds the standard 5-6 player cardboard game or our any of our 5-6 player wood boards Option 4: Medium 5-6 Outside Box w/Lid & 2 Card Trays that are designed to hold the standard resource & development cards. Option 6: Medium Outside Box w/Lid, 2 Card Trays, & 6 drawer bank that holds game pieces, dice & port cards. We also have a large box available in our store that holds even more game parts if you have a larger board game. Overall dimensions of the Medium 5-6 Player box are: 11.75" Long x 5.75" Deep x 3.9" Tall (30 cm Long x 14.6 cm Deep x 9.9 cm Tall) To personalize: You must add the "Customize/Personalize" Add-on from my store & customize this item there. The link is right here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1002788116 I have several other boards, pieces, parts, cards & boxes. So check out my store if you want to get more accessories for your board game. Please note: This board DO NOT come with any player pieces or playing cards, & is meant to



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