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Your hermies will love the freshness of Blueberry Fields Complete Meal Mixer. This 100% organic meal features vibrant blueberry leaves, dried blueberries, sprouted oats, mealworms, crab&lobster shell, honey granules, basil, dulse seaweed, strawberry leaf, blue butterfly pea powder, blue cornflowers & slivered almonds. This tasty meal is made in small batches locking in all the nutrients, freshness & flavor for a taste your hermit crabs are sure to love. Choose between a reusable jar, a kraft paper ziplock bag or a ziplock bag made of PLA (plant based) compostable material. Refill Bags Sample Kraft Paper Ziplock Pouch Refill: 3 tsp volume (approximately 1/2 oz) - Small (2x3) Ziplock Refill: 1/4 cup volume (approximately 1 oz) - Medium (3x3) Ziplock Refill: 1/3 cup volume (approximately 2 oz) - Large (3x4) Ziplock Refill: 1/2 cup volume (approximately 3 oz) Reusable Jars Sample Jar: 3 tsp volume (approximately 1/2 oz) - Small Jar: 1/4 cup volume (approximately 1 oz) - Medium Jar: 1/3 cup volume (approximately 2 oz) - Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (approximately 3 oz) Key Benefits of Our Complete Meal Mixers: -A complete meal in one, containing ingredients from every major food category so you can be sure your hermit crab's nutrional needs are being met. -Made with all organic ingredients in small fresh batches to retain all nutrients & flavor. -Completely free from any chemicals, additives & preservatives because your crabby baby only deserves the best quality natural ingredients. -Hermit Grub ensures 100% traceable & verified ingredients sourced, produced & packaged here in the USA. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. May refrigerate to extend shelf life. Best by: 12 months from purchase date. Nuts, shellfish & wheat products are used in this facility, please note any allergies if applicable. Blueberry Fields | Hermit Crab Food



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