Nascar 90S Gold Mystery Box Autographed Item Guaranteed Dale Earnhardt Jeff Gordon Mark Martin Diecast Card Sheetmetal
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Mystery Box celebrating the Golden Era of 1990s NASCAR! Featured Drivers are: Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jeff Gordon, & Mark Martin. Box is guaranteed to include the following: One Autographed Item or Race Used Sheetmetal from Featured Driver One Diecast from Featured Driver Memorabilia items from remaining Featured Driver Several other Memorabilia Items from 1990s NASCAR. (Some may be autographed and/or rare!) See below for FAQ's about NASCAR Mystery Boxes! Q: How much value is typically in this specific Mystery Box? A: The value of a 1990s Gold NASCAR Mystery Box ranges from $175-750. Q: Which driver(s) am I to receive autographed/sheetmetal from, & what are Featured Drivers? A: For this specific Mystery Box, you are guaranteed to receive an autographed item from either Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jeff Gordon, or Mark Martin. The Featured Drivers (Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin) are three drivers that are guaranteed to be prominently featured in your box. Q: Does the Mystery Box only include items from the Featured Drivers? A: No, the box includes items from dozens of drivers from 1990s NASCAR! It can also include Vortex Diecast Merchandise & various NASCAR sponsors gear! Q: What size diecast? & What are the Memorabilia Items? A: The diecast is chosen from a pool that are equally 1:64 & 1:24. Memorabilia items can include: Diecast, Sheetmetal, Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Stickers, Hats, Shirts, Pins, Posters, Framed Photos, & much more! The Memorabilia Lot that our Mystery Box items are randomly chosen from is absolutely massive, & includes some items that are worth more than the Mystery Box itself! Q: How do you decide what goes into each Mystery Box? A: Every Mystery Box item is selected completely at random from our inventory using a computerized system, based on the guarantees required for the Mystery Box. For example with this box: Our system looked at EVERY autographed & sheetmetal Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jeff Gordon, & Mark Martin item in our inventory & chose one completely at random. The same process is used for the Diecast & Memorabilia for the remaining Featured Drivers. The additional 1990s NASCAR items that are included are also selected randomly from a different pool of items that ALWAYS includes autographed items, rare diecast, sheetmetal, & extremely rare & valuable Trading Cards. Some of the items in this pool are worth more than the entire Mystery Box! We then package the boxes for that Edition using identical boxes materials & offer them for sale. As the Mystery Boxes are sold, we choose them at random yet again from the existing Inventory from that Mystery Box edition. Our system is designed for complete fairness for every customer. Q: Are Mystery Boxes always available? A: No! When we do offer Mystery Boxes they are very limited in quantity, & tend to sell extremely fast. They are only offered for sale when we have enough awesome & valuable items available in our inventory to create an amazing Mystery Box; so don't wait if you see



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