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This powerful blend of natural oils have been formulated precisely to naturally remove dark coarse hair growth on the face, chest, back, belly, arms, thighs or other areas where women don't usually grow hair . I personally dealt with excess facial & body hair for nearly 15 years, I've tried tweezing & shaving & waxing & tweezing some more, & the hair would just grow back thicker or even worst with ingrown hair!which would leave bumps filled with pus which then turned into dark marks. These things worked but only provided temporary relief! Laser hair removal & electrolysis have been very good to me but as a busy mom of two, I did not have the time nor was it in the budget! & after a while the hair would still come back.After intensive research, I created a holistic formula free from harsh chemicals that has been the only remedy to provided me with the most relief from facial hairs for good!while giving me back my confidence100%. All natural oils in this blend have been proven to help stop unwanted hair naturally & safely without any harmful side effects. Removes unwanted hair Fade Dark Spots Prevents Ingrown Hair 100% Natural✅️ Chemical Free✅️ Vegan Friendly ✅️ Nut Free ✅️ -Many customers do not like leaves in the serum because it might get stuck in dropper!Please let me know if you would like leaves added! Ingredients: Main Ingredient: Lavandula Leaf (Lavender) & Exotic Blended Pink Grapefruit,Organic Melaleuca Leaf Organic infused dried rose petal flower & lavender petals Each Bottle starts from 30Ml= 1oz This size bottle can last upto 3-6 months depending on the size of the affected area. Our Serum is blended with all natural herbs that holds a shelf life of up to has a 2-year. Most Frequently Asked Questions What is the difference with the regular strength hair remover serum & Extra Strength Hair Remover Serum? Different textures of hair will require either extra strength or regular strength serum.Regular strength is for fine to medium strength hairs where as the extra strength is for coarser/ thicker hairs that are deeper rooted & more noticeable.With Extra Strength This the strength is more stronger to break down hairs that are stubborn & more visible. Please choose according to your hair texture. Does the serum work on Ingrown Hairs? The serum is powerful to remove ingrown hairs by drying them out & closing up the follicles while also fading dark marks. How does the serum work? Our serum was created for women who suffer with excess hair on the face, chest, & back.The serum weakens & kills the hair from the root .The hair follicles will damage overtime causing no more hair growth to come back. How soon until I start seeing results? Results varies depending on individual. The coarser your hair is the longer it will take to eradicate the hair (I had coarse hair, mines was gone after 5-6 months of consistent use) The finer the hair the shorter time it takes.I have many customers who show results in as little as 3 days! Some 1



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