Virginia Abrasives, Trowel Float Shoe 10Inchx 14Inch Fits 36Inch 4pck, Model 423-FS1014.VAB


"Virginia Abrasives float shoes are clipped onto and driven by the finish blades. Float shoes are run flat on a screeded and bull-floated slab. Universal bold pattern fits most power trowel makes. High strength abrasive resistant steel for added stiffness and life. Corners and edge bends designed to increase blade stiffness. Rivets are countersunk. Bolts included with each set. 14in. blades fit 36in. power trowel machines. 18in. blades fit 46in. power trowel machines. PREMIUM STEEL MATERIAL: Our power combo trowel is not your ordinary skimming blade. Expertly crafted from premium manganese carbon steel, our masonry tools are made for more rigid and tensile strength so that they will last longer and get the job done right the first time. MULTI-COMPATIBLE: Tired of being frustrated in trying to find the right tool? At Virginia Abrasives, we know what this is like. That's why we carry trowel blades that fit most walk-behind power trowel machines.  SKILLFULLY DESIGNED: Our universal bolt pattern fits most walk-behind power trowels available. We carefully chose a design to boost our concrete trowel's functionality and came up with a corner and edge that bends to increase the blade stiffness.  PROPER USE AND CARE: Our trowel blades are designed for concrete surfaces & finishing. They are compatible with a 46"" power trowel machine and a 46"" walk-behind power trowel machine. Our rivets are countersunk, giving you a more flushed surface finish. VIRGINIA ABRASIVES: Our first aim was to create the greatest sandpaper by utilizing hard-rock garnet abrasives. Since then, we have grown to provide you with durable tools, from start to finish. We are committed to providing you with the best tools for the toughest jobs. Model Number: 423-FS1014.VAB. Age Group: adult."


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