Scorpio SRX-900 Security System
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Scorpio SRX-900 Security System The Scorpio SRX-900 is an effective, easy to install Security System that is compatible with just about any 12V motorcycle. The installation is a straight forward process involving just 3 wires, one to each of your battery's terminals and one to any 12V switched wire. The SRX-900 includes a posi-tap style connector for this final switched wire, ensuring a nice secure connection without needing to break out the wire splicers. Once the installation is buttoned up, using the system couldn't be easier. The SRX uses RFID technology to detect when a paired remote is nearby, one such remote is included, but more can be purchased and paired to the unit for bikes with multiple riders or for riders with multiple sets of keys. Once the remote is detected, the system disarms itself automatically, no need to fish around in your pocket with your gloves on. Once your ride is over and the remote goes out of RFID range (2-3 feet), the system automatically rearms itself until you and the remote return. For its sensing mechanism, the SRX-900 utilizes a built in dual-axis accelerometer that is able to detect both impacts and changes of angle. This allows the module to be mounted in any position or angle without reducing its effectiveness. Should the system detect that something is amiss, it will active its built-in 120 dB siren and notify all paired remote controls within a 1/2 mile. The SRX-900 system has been optimized to use as little power as possible and uses less than half as much power as previous versions. Features: Ultra low power drain main control module (MCM) Built-in 120 dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp arming Multi remote compatibility (one TRS-9 remote included) Auto or manual arming and disarming Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting impact Ignition circuit sensor Compact design (3 11/16 x 2 3/4 x 7/8) Smart Battery Safeguard with sleep mode Remote motorcycle finder/panic alarm Optional Scorpio Multi-Stage Perimeter Sensor detects motion around the motorcycle (sold separately) Optional Scorpio Ignition Disabler allows disabling of the motorcycle's electrical system and prevents hot wiring (sold separately) Optional Scorpio Factory Connector Kits are available and plug directly into the factory harness making installation fast, clean and easy (sold separately) TRS-9 Remote Features: One remote included Long-range rechargeable FM transceiver (up to 1/2 mile range) Audible/vibrating alert Alert violation display direct to remote Range, signal status and motorcycle battery voltage display Includes charging cable



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