Ohlins NIX30 Street Cartridge Kit KTM RC390 2015-2019
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Ohlins NIX30 Street Cartridge Kit KTM RC390 Using the same technology developed and tested with leading World Supersport and Superstock race teams, but tuned specifically for the street, the Ohlins NIX30 Street Cartridge Kit delivers greatly improved handling and comfort to riders who are pushing the limits of their bike's stock suspension. Every kit is tailor made using research data and the collective racing experience of Ohlins. This leads to a performance package with shims, valves and pistons specific to your motorcycles geometry and handling characteristics. This drop-in kit features fully independent compression and rebound in separate forks, making changing your setup that much easier and faster. The adjustability of the NIX30 Street Cartridges allows riders to fine tune their suspension's characteristics at the turn of a dial. Stiffen up your suspension for track days or a spirited weekend ride through the canyons, then soften it back up Monday morning before tackling the potholes of your daily commute. All components of the NIX30 Street Cartridge Kit are manufactured to the same tolerances and with the same precision as Ohlins top-of-the-line suspension. Every Ohlins Cartridge Kit is tested and measured before delivery to ensure that it will suit the weight and geometry of your motorcycle. Each kit is available in multiple weight options to best match your riding needs. Your total weight must include your combined rider weight with all gear. Features: Subtle, black, street style fork caps for low-key looks and easier servicing Ohlins NIX Technology (independent left and right fork adjustments) 3-way adjustable (preload, rebound and compression) Dramatic improvement in front end suspension feel and performance Precision CNC-machined components 30mm piston Hard anodized Easy to read fork caps Multiple spring rates available to accommodate a wide range of riders Serviceable and repairable Note: Image for reference only. Actual Ohlins Cartridge Kit will vary depending on your motorcycle make and model.



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