Waiting for Rain III by Eve Fairwell - Painting on Canvas
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The artist has been lucky to have had her childhood passion for art fostered throughout her life via classes, college, and various generous mentors. She took all the art classes she could in school, eventually resulting in a senior year of high school filled with four periods of art and the required English and Math. From the ages of 12-15 she trained under a local oil painter whose paintings were sought after in Iran, and in college was mentored by an illustrator for the Times. Eve received her BFA in painting and illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Though she started with playtime watercolor sets, long years of practice, observation, luck, and dedication are what have allowed her to become a full-time artist today. Eve works with acrylic paint, watercolor, and digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator. She is obsessed with the textures that traditional media can produce and often incorporates these into her digital artwork using a combination of effects, which creates a result that draws the eye in. Eve likes how colors interact in digital formats, and the feeling of depth traditional media lends. The styles that influenced her are minimalism, expressionism and the work of some surrealists captures her interest. Eve’s focus centers on the moments of rest between bustling movements in our everyday lives. The few seconds that pass eerily quietly in a noisy city; the hush that comes over a room just before the birthday person arrives; a glance that stops you in your tracks. Eve likes still moments of hush that give you chills and make you pause to recognize we are all here, alive, right now experiencing the beautiful weirdness of life. To show this, Eve’s abstract subjects are often explored by feelings in the body or reductions of elements of scenes that cause that feeling to occur.



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