Mauney 29" Wide Genuine Leather Standard Recliner
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This product is offered in hundreds of leather options. Additional finish options available at no additional cost. Features: Standard Cushion: Spring Down Standard Finish: Mahogany Power Button available with upcharge Power button with battery pack available with upcharge Standard Recline: Pushback Upholstery Material: Genuine Leather Upholstery Material Details: 100% Leather Genuine Leather Type (Leather Type: Aline Light Gray Genuine Leather, Rio Cognac Genuine Leather, Aline Fumo Genuine Leather, Rio Wheat Genuine Leather, Anilina Hunter Genuine Leather, Rio Atlantic Genuine Leather, Aline Light Gray Stonewash Genuine Leather, Rio Scarlet Genuine Leather, Anilina Cacao Genuine Leather, Rio Mineral Genuine Leather): Full grain leather Faux Leather Type: Genuine Leather Type (Leather Type: Empyrean Tweed Genuine Leather, Dorado Toast Genuine Leather, Outsider Raven Genuine Leather, Revolution Refresh Genuine Leather, Alpine Dark Gray Genuine Leather, Aspen Durant Genuine Leather, Triomphe Celestial Genuine Leather, Triomphe Umber Genuine Leather, Empyrean Charcoal Genuine Leather, Timberland Teal Genuine Leather, Triomphe Dreamy Genuine Leather, Alpine Cloudy Genuine Leather, Alpine Mushroom Genuine Leather, Empyrean Mist Genuine Leather, Triomphe Almond Roca Genuine Leather, Triomphe Alabaster Genuine Leather, Corinthian Cherry Wood Genuine Leather, Aspen Lenado Genuine Leather): Top grain leather Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Empyrean Tweed Genuine Leather): Empyrean Tweed Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Dorado Toast Genuine Leather): Dorado Toast Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Outsider Raven Genuine Leather): Outsider Raven Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Revolution Refresh Genuine Leather): Revolution Refresh Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Alpine Dark Gray Genuine Leather): Alpine Dark Gray Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aline Light Gray Genuine Leather): Aline Light Gray Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aspen Durant Genuine Leather): Aspen Durant Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Triomphe Celestial Genuine Leather): Triomphe Celestial Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Triomphe Umber Genuine Leather): Triomphe Umber Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Empyrean Charcoal Genuine Leather): Empyrean Charcoal Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Rio Cognac Genuine Leather): Rio Cognac Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aline Fumo Genuine Leather): Aline Fumo Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Timberland Teal Genuine Leather): Timberland Teal Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Triomphe Dreamy Genuine Leather): Triomphe Dreamy Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Alpine Cloudy Genuine Leather): Alpine Cloudy Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Rio Wheat Genuine Leather): Rio Wheat Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Alpine Mushroom Genuine Leather): Alpine Mushroom Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Anilina Hunter Genuine Leather): Anilina Hunter Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Rio Atlantic Genuine Leather): Rio Atlantic Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Milestone White Genuine Leather): Milestone White Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aline Light Gray Stonewash Genuine Leather): Aline Light Gray Stonewash Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aspen Hearthstone Genuine Leather): Aspen Hearthstone Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Empyrean Mist Genuine Leather): Empyrean Mist Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Rio Scarlet Genuine Leather): Rio Scarlet Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Triomphe Almond Roca Genuine Leather): Triomphe Almond Roca Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Triomphe Alabaster Genuine Leather): Triomphe Alabaster Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Corinthian Cherry Wood Genuine Leather): Corinthian Cherry Wood Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Anilina Cacao Genuine Leather): Anilina Cacao Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Rio Mineral Genuine Leather): Rio Mineral Upholstery Color (Leather Type: Aspen Lenado Genuine Leather): Aspen Lenado Reclining Type (Reclining Type: Manual): Manual Reclining Type Details (Reclining Type: Manual): Manual - Handle/Lever Reclining Type (Reclining Type: Power): Power Reclining Type Details (Reclining Type: Power): Power - Push Button Position Type: 3-Position Position Lock: No Base Type: No Motion Removable Cushions: Yes Removable Cushion Cover: Yes Reversible Cushions: No Removable Cushion Location: Seat Design: Standard Recliner Frame Material: Manufactured wood Frame Material Details: Wood Species: Leg Color (Leg Color: Cobblestone): Cobblestone Leg Color (Leg Color: Stone): Stone



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