Edgewater Tufted Upholstered Side Chair
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Features: Frame construction: Rattan Standard back: Loose Seat construction: Tigh Seat cushions: Comfort plus Product Type: Side chair Chairs Included: Yes Number of Chairs Included: 1 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray and Teal Stripe; 0216-53): Gray and Teal Stripe; 0216-53 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray and White Stripe; 0201-84): Gray and White Stripe; 0201-84 Main Color (Body Fabric: Blue and Cream Stripe; 0201-64): Blue and Cream Stripe; 0201-64 Main Color (Body Fabric: Beige Performance; 0863-93): Beige Performance; 0863-93 Main Color (Body Fabric: White Performance; 0863-91): White Performance; 0863-91 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray Performance; 0863-84): Gray Performance; 0863-84 Main Color (Body Fabric: Tan Performance; 0863-74): Tan Performance; 0863-74 Main Color (Body Fabric: Green Performance; 0863-53): Green Performance; 0863-53 Main Color (Body Fabric: Camel Performance; 0861-95): Camel Performance; 0861-95 Main Color (Body Fabric: Cream Performance; 0861-91): Cream Performance; 0861-91 Main Color (Body Fabric: Dark Brown Performance; 0861-88): Dark Brown Performance; 0861-88 Main Color (Body Fabric: Medium Brown Performance; 0861-74): Medium Brown Performance; 0861-74 Main Color (Body Fabric: Off White Textured Performance; 0851-93): Off White Textured Performance; 0851-93 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray Textured Performance; 0851-84): Gray Textured Performance; 0851-84 Main Color (Body Fabric: Beige Performance Fabric; 0851-73): Beige Textured Performance; 0851-73 Main Color (Body Fabric: Vanilla Textured; 0805-91): Vanilla Textured; 0805-91 Main Color (Body Fabric: Charcoal Gray Textured; 0805-83): Charcoal Gray Textured; 0805-83 Main Color (Body Fabric: Glacier Blue Textured; 0805-54): Glacier Blue Textured; 0805-54 Main Color (Body Fabric: Beige Solid; 0405-92): Beige Solid; 0405-92 Main Color (Body Fabric: Navy Solid; 0405-61): Navy Solid; 0405-61 Main Color (Body Fabric: Green Solid; 0405-53): Green Solid; 0405-53 Main Color (Body Fabric: Birch Solid; 0377-93): Birch Solid; 0377-93 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray Solid; 0358-88): Gray Solid; 0358-88 Main Color (Body Fabric: Sand Performance Solid; 0307-94): Sandy Beige Performance Solid; 0307-94 Main Color (Body Fabric: Tonal Beige Performance Solid; 0307-92): Tonal Beige Performance Solid; 0307-92 Main Color (Body Fabric: Sage Green Performance Solid; 0307-54): Sage Green Performance Solid; 0307-54 Main Color (Body Fabric: Brown and White Performance Stripe; 0261-93): Brown and White Performance Stripe; 0261-93 Main Color (Body Fabric: Ocean Stripe; 0252-61): Ocean Stripe; 0252-61 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray and White Performance Stripe; 0261-84): Gray and White Performance Stripe; 0261-84 Main Color (Body Fabric: Tan and Beige Performance Stripe; 0258-71): Tan and Beige Performance Stripe; 0258-71 Main Color (Body Fabric: Blue and Beige Performance Stripe; 0258-61): Blue and Beige Performance Stripe; 0258-61 Main Color (Body Fabric: Green and Blue Stripe; 0252-54): Seamist Stripe; 0252-54 Main Color (Body Fabric: Navy and White Performance Stripe; 0256-61): Navy and White Performance Stripe; 0256-61 Main Color (Body Fabric: Light Brown Performance Stripe; 0256-74): Light Brown Performance Stripe; 0256-74 Main Color (Body Fabric: Blue and Gray and Beige Stripe; 0229-66): Cascade Stripe; 0229-66 Main Color (Body Fabric: Baltic Performance Stripe; 0239-84): Baltic Stripe; 0239-84 Main Color (Body Fabric: Brown and Beige Stripe; 0239-94): Beige and White Stripe; 0239-94 Main Color (Body Fabric: Gray and Cream Stripe; 0216-63): Gray and Cream Stripe; 0216-63 Leg Color (Leg Color: Antique Cottage White): Antique Cottage White Leg Color (Leg Color: Black): Black Leg Color (Leg Color: Bisque): Bisque Leg Color (Leg Color: Blueberry): Blueberry Leg Color (Leg Color: Celery): Celery Leg Color (Leg Color: Cottage White): Cottage White Leg Color (Leg Color: Driftwood): Driftwood Leg Color (Leg Color: Greystone): Graystone Leg Color (Leg Color: Harbor Blue): Harbor Blue Leg Color (Leg Color: Havana): Havana Leg Color (Leg Color: Honey): Honey Leg Color (Leg Color: Java): Java Leg Color (Leg Color: Kiwi): Kiwi Leg Color (Leg Color: Linen): Linen Leg Color (Leg Color: Natural): Natural Leg Color (Leg Color: Sea Mist): Seamist Leg Color (Leg Color: Vintage): Vintage Leg Color (Leg Color: Frost White): White Main Material: Main Material Details: Manufactured Wood Type: Metal Finish Application: Main



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