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The history of colonialism that swept across Africa, corrupting it's innocents and plundering it's resources is well known. Reading an old account of a hunter in the late 1800's in Africa, and then again earlier accounts by Frenchman Francois Le Vaillant (also known as Levaillant) and others, brought brought further insights. The accounts are both shocking and revealing. Corruption and exploitation destroyed much of Africa, it's people and it fauna. This series examines this history. However, as in my traditional role of court jester, I bring humor to highlight the profane—lightness to the depth (of despair). "The artist takes a wry look at colonialism in historic Africa. There is a loose, expressive freshness to the work not dissimilar to the work of Basquiat. In High Eina, the hyena is high on dope. The word "Eina," means "sore" or "painful." It is a wry, humorous, yet painful look at Africa's colonization and the dramatic impact on it's people. The artist enjoys wordplay, an aspect apparent in many of her works. The colors are warm and vibrant. In this African artist, expect the unexpected."



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