7 Day Taste of Namibia Lodging Safari
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This 7-day and 6-night accommodated safari is a tailor-made opportunity to visit the best of Namibia in a perfect time frame. Experience a moving insight into wildlife conservation and rehabilitation at the N/a’an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary before seeking amazing wildlife encounters in Etosha National Park. We are looking for predators and prey alike. Visit the mineral pan ‘’The Great White Space’’ from which Etosha takes its name is 22,000 square km of desolate, dazzling expanse, so big it can be seen from space.Beautiful Damaraland gives us a unique ‘’Big Sky’’ experience, where the towering pink granite koppies seem to touch the very sky on our horizon, putting real meaning into the words ‘’breathtaking’’.Meet some of the locals as we travel through Damaraland, Himba, Herero & Damara people, often in traditional dress, welcome us to their makeshift roadside stalls under the shadow of Namibia’s highest mountain, The Brandberg. Reaching the wild and rugged Skeleton Coast, we