Anchorage's Salmon Fish Hatchery Experience
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Hop Aboard The Salmon Express Tour!Get ready for a Fish-Tastic Trip!The Salmon Express Tour, A journey through the heart of Anchorage’s salmon story! Our ROUND TRIP adventure begins and ends at the iconic Log Cabin Visitor Center.Tour Highlights Include:William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery: Get an insider's look at the fascinating life cycle of salmon. Witness millions of young fish being nurtured and learn the hatchery’s vital role in sustaining Alaska’s salmon populations.Ship Creek: Meet local anglers, feel the thrill of catching salmon, watch them filet their catch, tour the Ulu Factory, and SO MUCH MORE!Scenic Views: Enjoy breathtaking views of Anchorage’s stunning landscapes. Keep your camera ready for picturesque scenes of mountains, rivers, and perhaps wildlife sightings!Interactive Experiences: Engage with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays that bring the world of salmon to life. Perfect for all ages, this tour is as educational as it is entertaining.