Pompeii Tour from Sorrento:learn about Roman Life tasting food of Ancient City
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Take a 4,5hours private tour of the ruins of Pompeii and experience an authentic Roman food banquet tasting the typical dishes of the Ancient city like those Julius Caesar enjoyed in ancient Roman times. Learn about the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the ancient town seeing the Forum, the Baths, the Temples of Apollo, and of course the body casts. Continue with a lunch at Restaurant [or dinner if the option is available] - in a walking distance from the archeological site - to enjoy a 3 courses menu with traditional dishes of Ancient Rome . The food will be prepared by knowledgeable chefs and everything accompanied by the roman Mulsum wine spiced with honey, ginger and pepper. The Restaurant decorations ,like one of the Roman houses with the frescos on the walls, and its staff dressed in traditional attire (togas) as well as roman style furniture will allow you to go back in the time. At the end,transfer back with your private driver



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