Amazing Adventures Private tour of the Underground Cave with Ugong Rock Cave
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 This is a 3 activities in 1 day. 1. Underground River tour 2. Ugong rock caving, 3. zipline ride.The Underground River is a UNESCO World heritage site. One of the 7 Wonders of Nature.Experience some of the best views of Karst mountain and lush tropical forest on this zipline adventure where you enter the Ugong rock for Caving and admire fantastic views while you take an exhilarating plunge down through a zipline ride across as you soar your way down the mountain for that extreme adventure.The Ugong Rock and Underground river tour  is a community based sustainable tourism project. The Ugong Rock adheres to its advocacy of giving livelihood to the community without damaging the environment where members also support Tree Planting Activities of the government.  Ugong Rock is a destination where the “Bayanihan” spirit thrives. Managed and operated by community members.The Tagabinet Ugong Rock Tourism Service Cooperative.  



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