Oriental Pearl Tower Tickets Booking


Oriental Pearl Tower is the most-visited attraction in Shanghai, which has the functions of urban tourism, fashion catering, shopping, entertainment and historical exhibitions.There is the magical space capsule makes you feel like in space and the Sky Galleria to have a visual enjoyment in high place of the tower. There is also the completely transparent observatory. The indoor VR roller coaster, with the theme of flying over Shanghai, breaks through the limitations on vision and senses of traditional roller coaster, and is more exciting, more shocking and more interesting.Revolving Restaurant in the tower is the Asia's largest aerial revolving restaurant, offering buffets with Southeast Asian, Japanese, Chinese, European and American cuisines. Overlooking from a high altitude while enjoy dishes, you can have a clear sweeping view of Huangpu River.You can also have a chance to learn the 700-year history of the city at the Shanghai History Museum at the 0M Hall.