The Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Tiki Cruise


This party cruise was made specifically for groups celebrating their bachelor or bachelorette party in Charleston. If that's you, then come hop aboard the Friki Tiki for one of the most fun cruises Charleston has to offer! On this party cruise you'll share the boat with another bachelor or bachelorette party. It's a great way to save a little money, make new friends, and turn the Friki Tiki into a full out party.This 2.5 hour tiki cruise comes with a super awesome sound system, a life- saving bathroom, open space for non-stop dance parties, ice to cool things down, sun to heat things up, water for that one friend who has no chill, and a boat load of good times. We also provide floats and mats for those who want to hop in the water for their "last splash!" Welcome to the highlight of your Charleston bachelor(ette) party weekend.