Half day private tour to Yellow crane tower and night market snack food in Wuhan
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Enjoy the Yellow Crane Tower about 2 hours, it is known as the first floor of the world,also you can see the Wuhan three local town and bird's eye view of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. Then you will visit the flood Control Monument it was built in 1954 by Chair Man Maozedong to celebrate the victory of the Wuhan people over the floods of 1954, we must be prepared to overcome the same serious floods that may occur in the future. Then Visit the Lihuangpi road (about 1 hour), It’s a slow life area in Wuhan. Buildings along the lihuangpi road still remain the western style. Then enjoy the Jiqing Street (about 1 hour),As night falls, the Jiqing Street is full of lights, present you a passionate Wuhan. You can enjoy the delicious local foods and guide will arrange some for you like the Famous Noodles, BBQ meat, BBQ VEG, BBQ fish.Spicy meat/VEG, Chinese fried dumplings, Chinese Baobao, etc. Feel free to join locals in a glamorous night world.



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