Friday only! A Japanese food experience where you can enjoy hand-made soba noodles and a luxurious Japanese lunch! !


A popular soba noodle shop in Sapporo!On Fridays only, a popular hand-made soba noodle shop in Sapporo offers a soba noodle making experience during lunch time!You can enjoy the soba noodle making experience, which is also popular among Japanese people, at lunch.The owner of the hand-made soba noodle shop is not good at English, but he will make it a fun memory with a pamphlet in English, the English he has worked hard to learn, and his smiling communication.This plan includes enjoying luxurious Japanese food along with soba.Hokkaido is the largest soba harvesting area in Japan. Soba culture has been strong in Hokkaido since ancient times, and there are many delicious soba restaurants in Hokkaido.We recommend the soba noodle making experience, the king of Japanese cuisine, as a memory of Japan.