7Days Horse Trekking to Mongolian Heartland from Kharkhorin ancient capital city
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from Kharkhorin ancient capital city General description Discover heart of Mongolian within a week to define its charm and magic. Heartland of Mongolia bestows wide variety of landscapes with vast valleys, green meadows, thick pine forests, lava fields and rich flora and fauna. About trips around Mongolia we specialize in arranging customized tours to everywhere in Mongolia with our co-local guesthouse in the Kharkhorin ancient capital, if the tour will be departed from Kharkhorin ancient capital. Then we are kindly recommend our horse trekking tour partner that we have been cooperating and joining our trip for all kind of destination tours together, specifically tailored to your individual interests and requirements. Soon we will send you our suggested itinerary according to your tour request exploring horse trekking to Eight Lake Area and Orkhon Valley Area which all horse trekking tours destinations are carefully designed to give you the best possible experience of Mongolia.



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