Trajan's Markets & Imperial Forums Private Tour with Special Pass & PhD Guide


Don't miss this 2.5-hour private tour, which includes a Forum Pass that allows access to the archaeological sites of the Imperial Forums. Be in awe of the incredible ruins as you learn and explore what once was the centre of Rome. Visit Trajan's Market and see the well-preserved remains of the city's first version of a shopping centre. See the perfectly intact, 29m tall Trajan's Column built in honor of Roman Emperor Trajan's victory over Romania. Marvel at the frieze wrapped around the column that features key historical narratives of the battles. Head to the Forum of Trajan, the largest of the Imperial Forums that formed the political and governmental center of the Roman Empire. The Forum of Nerva, the smallest Forum to be built by Emperor Domitian, but was completed by his successor Nerva, whose name it took. Admire the only two columns that are still standing today. The Forum of Augustus was built by Rome’s first emperor and houses the remains of the Temple of Mars Ultor.