Mind Reader Ab Roller Rubber in Red | ABROLL-RED
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There's no need for pricey gym memberships or workout equipment! Sculpt your abs at home with the Mind Reader Ab Roller. The Mind Reader Ab Roller is easy to use and helps you to build stronger and leaner ab muscles, burn calories, and help you to improve your overall strength and endurance. It's affordable, easy to use, and fits most anywhere you want to fit in a workout! IMPROVE MUSCLE TONE AND STRENGTH IN COMFORT: Improve core body strength and tone with this easy-to-use workout tool. The exercise wheels feature grip bars with non-slip coating for comfort and security during each workout. The non-slip platform and rubber wheels with treads securely grip to most any type of floor so you don't have to worry about it moving while you exercise. Get a better, quicker, more effective workout in each time you use this ab roller wheel to get more fit, faster! LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: There's no need for pricey gyms or equipment with items from Mind Reader like the ab roller! It's lightweight, compact, and easy to carry and store. Use it at home, at the office, or in hotel rooms when you travel. DURABLE, HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: This ab trainer roller wheel is made with heavy-duty plastic and it's designed to handle your body weight and then some! Use it as often as you'd like - it's built to last workout after workout! SAVE MONEY: This budget-friendly workout tool is both affordable and effective in helping you to sculpt those abs! It's also ideal for working out at home or for when you need to fit in a quick workout. CREATE YOUR AT-HOME GYM WITH MIND READER: Shop this ab roller equipment and the entire selection of affordable workout and fitness gear from Mind Reader including fitness glider discs, kettlebells, foam rollers, and more, and save money while building your own at-home gym! Mind Reader Ab Roller Rubber in Red | ABROLL-RED



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