Mind Reader Ab Roller Stainless Steel in Black | ABWHEELBG-BLK
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The Mind Reader ab wheel home exercise is the perfect tool for sculpting rock-solid abs. If you want a 6 pack of abs, you need the ab roller wheel from Mind Reader. The ab roller acts as your personal fitness trainer by helping you build stronger and bigger abdomens. The ab roller wheel will help you burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance. No time for the gym? If that’s the case, the ab roller wheel is perfect for you. The ab cruncher does not require a lot of space and can easily be done at home. For the busy moms and people who can’t make it to the gym because of tight schedules, the at home ab workout wheel is the perfect choice. Allows you to challenge yourself in the comfort of your home. Just 5-10 minutes of use in your home every day and you will see results. What are you waiting for? All parts come included with the ab roller wheel and they are simple to put together. Can be assembled in minutes, by one person. Simply enter the steel bar into the wheel, then add the grips to each side of the bar and you are all set and ready to use the ab roller. Not only is the ab workout wheel great for your abdomen, but it is also an excellent routine for other body parts such as, your shoulder, forearms, triceps and back. The up and down motion will assist in building stronger arms and a stronger upper back. Mind Reader Ab Roller Stainless Steel in Black | ABWHEELBG-BLK



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