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Now over 2000 students and over one-hundred and seventy 5-star reviews. See below. Latest course updates added on 23rd June 2023. Web design for beginners!  If you want a website that looks like you've paid a web designer thousands, but in fact you've built it yourself in Wordpress, in around 5 hours, and for just a few dollars or pounds, then this is for you! I'm Chris Towland and over the years I've created many websites for my own online businesses and for my clients. With this course, you'll be able to watch over my shoulder to see everything I do, and then copy me to create your own, great-looking website! You'll quickly be able to create superb websites for yourself or you could start your own web design business. The course takes you step by step, from start to finish through everything you need. choosing a domain name, opening a web hosting account, installing Wordpress and then creating a web design that you'll be proud of. The course is ideal for anyone who wants to do their own web design and quickly create professional looking websites. Whether you want a website for an offline business, to sell products or services online or for any other reason, I'll show you how to quickly design and build exactly the site you want. In fact, this course is perfect for you if you want to create a website for... Your offline bricks and mortar business such as a restaurant or beauty salonOffline service such as an electrician, gardener or plumberOnline service such as social media marketing or SEOPromoting your MLM or Networking Marketing programPromoting your bandStarting your own web design business! Even if you're a complete web design beginner and have never built any sort of website before. I guarantee that when you follow along with the videos, you'll have a superb Wordpress website in no time. We start with the very basics. deciding on a domain name for your website so that people will be able to enter www. yourwebsitename to get to your site. I show you where to get your domain name at a discount (around $9 per year) and how to easily and quickly set it up for your site. We then move on to your web hosting. the place on the internet where your site will sit because we can't design a great site until there's somewhere on the internet to build it. Again though, it's really easy and inexpensive. in fact, I show you how to get your first month of web hosting for just 1c and then ongoing, it's less than $12 (around £8) per month. Once we have your domain name and web hosting sorted, we can now move on to the fun part. building your Wordpress website and creating an amazing web design. We use Wordpress because it's the most versatile platform available and it allows us to build any type of website that we like. It's also totally free, and I show you how to install it with a few clicks of your mouse. Once Wordpress is installed we get started with the design of your website. I show you the exact plugin that I use to create all of my great looking websites and show you how to use the pre-built site templates that are included. These make it so quick and easy to create an amazing website. you simply look through some of the 100+ included pre-built web design templates and choose the one that you like the look of most for your own website. Then, with one press of a button, the template is installed on your own Wordpress site! You now have your own website!  All that is left to do is to replace the images, wording and content in the template with your own information. And of course, I show you how to easily do that too! Just in case you don't want to start with one of the web design templates and prefer to start with a clean slate, then I'll show you how to do that too. But when you see how great the templates look, I think that you're more likely to want to start with one of them and then customize your own site from there. If you're wondering whether your new Wordpress website will be mobile responsive, because in this day and age, we need our sites to look just as good on a mobile phone and tablet as they do on a computer, then answer is YES! With the way I'll show you to design your site, it will automatically be mobile responsive and it's also very easy to tweak the look of the mobile versions if you particularly wanted to. As ever, it's all included in the videos for you. You may also be thinking. if my site is so easy to build, does that mean it will be very basic and not include any of the 'bells and whistles' and gadgets that I see on other sites?  Well, you'll be pleased to hear that there are dozens of these available to you, and adding them to your Wordpress web design is a simple 5 second, drag and drop! I explain exactly how to use each of them in the videos and just some of the functions you can add are... Images, moving text, buttons, click to Tweet buttons, content reveal boxes, countdown timers, dividers, Google Maps, icons, lead generation forms, progress bars and fill counters, social share buttons, star ratings, styled bullet-point lists, tables, tabs, testimonials, toggles, videos etc etc! From start to finish, all of the above is really easy to do. you just watch me do it in the videos and then copy me and do it yourself. And just in case you need me, I'm always available in the course for further help, advice and support. If you'd like to see more info about the web design course, take a look at the free preview lectures. Alternatively, enroll now and let's get started on creating an amazing Wordpress website for you. Remember, I'm here to help you succeed, so I look forward to seeing you inside. And the full 30 day no-questions-asked Udemy instant guarantee is your assurance of the quality and potential of this course. Get started today by clicking Buy Now and get full, lifetime access to this unique Wordpress web design course with all future updates and all current and future course materials included! Whether you want to create a superb Wordpress web design for your own website, or you want to start your own web design business, these videos will show you how to do it in just 5 hours or less. Here are some recent reviews for this web design course... I have been looking for a quick and easy way to put Wordpress sites together and this course was the answer. Thanks Chris.  Aaron HaynesThe instructor led a very informative course. This is perfect for anyone that wants to create a website with WordPress. His teaching style makes it easy to follow along and he is direct and to the point of what you really need to know. JoAnne PoncioI have worked with Word Press in the past but I wanted a refresher course - and I am so glad that I found this one. Chris is an excellent teacher and experienced marketer but manages to convey the web design basics to those who are not. This course is comprehensive and perfectly designed. If you have any doubts as to whether or not to buy this course, put them aside and just do it! Diane RyanThis course is just what I needed to end the confusion and frustration I was experiencing trying to design my website. I have taken several wordpress web design courses in the past however they never covered the basics. This left me needing to chat with support pretty well every time I needed to do work with my host. Chris has done a fantastic job of explaining what I need to do. I am feeling very confident now. Patricia Frazier