Linkedin Optimize your Profile for Beginners Social Network


Grow Your Network Today Welcome to the Getting Started with Linkedin Course. All New content and new tips and resources to HELP you get the most out of Linkedin.I've been on Linkedin for over 10 years and regularly use it on a daily basis to connect with others within my industry. The time I spend on Linkedin has been very rewarding as its provided me many opportunities and new connections that have helped me grow my business. In this course I share the basics of Linkedin as well as tips along the way on how to setup your Linkedin Profile for success, how to grow your network and how to get engagement on content.Use Linkedin to find jobs, connect with other industry professionals, grow your business, find clients, become an authority in your field, join groups and add to conversation. Share your knowledge, and get noticed.You never know who is looking to connect with you, having a Linkedin profile provides the opportunities for others to connect with you as well as you connect to others. Step by Step as to how I use Linkedin for the past 10 YEARSHow I gained over 19000 Linkedin ConnectionsHow I've used Linkedin to expand my BrandProfile Settings that I use to create more opportunities for others to connect with meThis is a BRAND new Guide by a daily Linkedin User with over 19000 Connections and over 19000 Followers.I'm happy to answer any questions you might have - and also connect with you of course:)