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** Clients of mine who have taken and utilized this course are getting 20% more daily downloads, on average, than those with comparable apps who haven't. ** You've built a great app. It's everything a user could ask for: - It's light and downloads quickly; - It runs smoothly and without glitches; - It's incredibly easy to use; and - It delivers content or a tool that your target market cares about. Now all you need is for your target market to find your app and download it. Your goals at this point are: 1. Get found in the app stores by the people who want and need you 2. Get downloaded 3. Get reviewed highly To amplify your app's potential, it is essential to know, and confidently employ, App Store optimization (ASO) techniques. This can mean the difference between ending up in the app graveyard and succeeding mightily. The art and science of ASO teaches you how to get your app ranked highly so that your target market finds your app at the top of their search results. We'll be taking a holistic approach that reaches beyond search ranking to also encompass the optimization of your listing so that it compels people to download your app once they find it. We will also discuss ways to get more and higher reviews for your app so that the virtuous cycle of higher store ranking continues. The great news is that these techniques aren't very difficult to master, and they're mostly free to employ. Further, most developers don't take the time to master them, which can make your competition easy pickings.:) I'm serious! Includes over 2.5 hours of video lectures, lecture transcripts, a step-by-step method and a clear-as-day ASO checklist so that you can get going in no time. Let's get started already!



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