Email Marketing Academy: Master Email Marketing With Klaviyo
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ABOUT THE CLASSLearn how to generate an additional 10-40% monthly revenue to any e-commerce store! This course has been created by a team of individuals that have worked on email marketing efforts for over one hundred stores! This course will go through step-by-step the implementations we make when we onboard new clients and how to build optimal systems for any e-commerce storeFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDoes this work from anywhere in the world?Of course! You will learn the best email marketing strategy regardless of where you are locatedIs this for beginners or do I need prior knowledge before starting?It's actually best if you have zero knowledge before starting because you won't have to un-learn anything. I show you the entire process and explain why we are setting up things the way we are. And then I take you into the advanced modules once we have our baseWhat do I need before signing up?It's best if you have a store that's generating traffic to get the most out of email and sms marketingHow long is the course?This course has 10 modules. It's about two hours long and each video is straight to the point. No fluff, just implement! Will you show everything?Yes! It's important that I am as transparent as possible for you to get the best results. Look below for the 'Class Contents'What if I have questions or problems?All students have access to me as well as an included consultation call when signing up for the course. I will be there to help you every step of the way with any issues or questions that come up once going through the course. Why is the course under 2 hours long?This course has been built to be as straight to the point as possible with no fluff. I show you exactly how you can add up to an additional of 40% monthly revenue to your e-commerce store without experiencing any road blocks! MORE INFORMATIONThis is the MOST comprehensive email marketing course where you see everything step by step. Not only will you see a live account, email automations, email campaigns, and email designs. but we ALSO build everything together and cover in-depth email optimizations, sms strategies and more.



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