Japanese Colorful Vegan Pressed Sushi Course
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Welcome to the course provided by Shojin Now, a culinary platform to teach Japanese authentic vegan cuisine online. COURSE OVERVIEWLearn the most well-unknown Japanese cuisines with beautiful ingredients in the easiest way. You might say making sushi seems complicated, particularly an authentic and vegan sushi... You may be able to watch basic roll sushi recipes being made on Youtube or through recipe books, but wouldn't you like to immerse yourself in a deeper experience?We've invited a renowned culinary professional to teach you a different type of sushi called pressed sushi. This course will teach you the basics of making a type of sushi called pressed sushi, including how to make vinegared rice, a variety of Neta (topping ingredients), and how to assemble them with a tool anyone can find in your kitchen. In the end, you can make two flavors of sushi with colorful toppings. MAIN INSTRUCTORSMs. Izumi Shoji PLANT-BASED JAPANESE CUISINES PIONEERA popular cook who has driven the vegan movement in Japan. She published more than 70 books that introduced vegan cuisine to the Japanese public. Her eponymous Vegetable Cooking Studio is said to be Japan's first vegan cooking studio and it's known for its collaboration classes with top chefs in Japan and overseas. COURSE STRUCTUREThis course consists of three chapters: introduction, cooking session, and wrap up. It is structured to learn making veggie ramen and matcha pepper in one day taught with videos. THINGS TO MAKEVINEGARED RICEThe seasoned rice used for sushi is called vinegared rice. Sweet, sour and a little salty rice. It is also called sushi rice at sushi restaurants. The first step to make sushi, you need to start by preparing the vinegared rice. NETA (TOPPING INGREDIENTS)In Japan, the ingredients for sushi are called Neta. Seafood is often used as the Neta for sushi, and Neta can be prepared in raw, boiled or roasted. However, in this course, we introduce plant-based Neta as sushi that everyone in the world can eat. ASSEMBLYOnce you have vinegared rice and the Neta, it's time to shape it. We will make two kinds of pressed sushi with the toppings prepared in the Neta lesson: COLOURFUL PRESSED SUSHI WITH CUCUMBER, CARROT AND RED CABBAGE and PRESSED SUSHI WITH MARINATED ASPARAGUS AND ORANGEFAQQ: I have never tried cooking sushi. Am I qualified for this course?A: That won't be a problem at all! We will go through the basics of pressed sushi making. Even if you have zero experience, you can jump straight into learning professional skills, sparing yourself from any detour! Q: I don't have any special sushi making equipment at home. Will I have to spend a fortune on cooking tools?A: Nope! Naturally, as the course is based on professional Japanese methods, there will be some culinary equipment you can't readily source outside of Japan. But don't worry, that's why we're here. We carefully adapt our content to English speaking countries' environments. Alternative tools and ingredients are shown throughout the course. Q: Is the course taught in English?We partner up with local authentic culinary professional. To bring out her strengths, all the videos are shot in Japanese. Hence, the video lessons are taught in Japanese with English subtitles.