2023 SDLC Full Stack Course Spring Boot 3, MongoDB, Docker


This course has 113 videos covering over 21+ hours of content.You will learn the complete software development life cycle creating a Full Stack Spring Boot 3.0 Application using tools like: IntelliJ IdeaDockerSpring Framework 6.0RabbitMQ in DockerJUnit (Unit Test and Mocks)Spring Boot 3.0MongoDB in DockerSeleniumPostman (Integration Test)What will we create:Understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle. What happens behind the scenes in a Fortune 500 company in the Information Technology department. Gain understanding of the players involved who make up a software team and their roles with respect to the software development lifecycle.You will create a consumer backend service to consume messages on the queue our application is listening for. We will write that message to our MongoDB database.You will create the frontend using Spring and ThymeLeaf, HTML, CSS and JavaScript so we can produce messages and put them on the queue.We will Unit Test our application and create a continuous integration / continuous delivery workspace to verify our code is in a stable build.We will maintain our code using GitHub.By the end of the course you will have complete understanding of the software development lifecycle and have complete confidence using the tools in this course to create a full tack application using service oriented architecture in any workplace.