Applied instructional design tools in distance education
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In this course, you will learn how you can create an effective learning environment within the scope of distance education fundamentals. Moodle will be used as infrastructure in the course. In addition, you can use any infrastructure other than Moodle and apply the topics covered in the training on your own system. What is covered in this course is built on the fundamentals of instructional design. In the first part, you will start with a general introduction. Then you will learn about the basic interface of the instructional management system (Moodle). You will get introductory information about how the system can be used.· Profile information update· Viewing success grades· Messaging· Preferences· Log out processes· Language settings· Site main page· Course categories· Left menu shortcuts· Course navigation· Dictionary access· Access to course activities,· Access to the course participant list· Competencies access· Viewing grades details· Dashboard Access· Calendar access· Edit course settings· Course backup and restore access· Student teacher basic interfaces· Hidable Quick access menu featuresIn the second part, you will learn about the details of online exam preparation:· Multiple choice assessment exams· Open-ended assessment exams· Question bank design and random question selection activities from the question· Evaluation and feedback mechanism· Exam Results and Exam Statistics. In the third part, you will learn about the details of onlin eassignment:· Free text assignments· Assignments Including Visual Contents· Assignment Evaluation and Feedback Mechanism· Reading and listening assignmentsIn the fourth part, you will learn about the details of creating interactive contents:· H5P interactive contents· Interactive Course Presentations· Interactive Videos· Drag & Drop Contents· Audio Recorder· Column - Interactive Contents· Dialog Cards· Dictation applications· Multiple Hotspots· Virtual TourLastly, you will learn about extra activites of instructional design· Copying the content easiyliy· Preparing surveys· Preparing online dicitonaries· Using Special Mathematics Symbols and Formulas· Interactive Books