Counselling Certification Course


Counselling presents a very needed area of therapy, especially in these challenging time and the majority of people will at some point in their lives feel uncertain or probably even overwhelmed by their problems, both physically and emotionally. As a result of this, they might struggle to find clear direction and need someone outside of their family and friend circle to talk to.For every counsellor it is very important to fully develop active listening skills because this forms is the foundation for successful and proactive therapy sessions. This course provides you with a grounding in the theoretical aspects of counselling and has easy to learn lectures and exercises which you can work on at your own pace and the way it suits you the best. This course is very helpful for individuals that are already active within the field of Counselling and want to update and imrpove their skills. In this course you will learn how to become attuned to the verbal and non-verbal responses of your clients, noticing even the sligtest shifts in body language and the mood changes. You will also learn how to subtly explore all these changes, and fully recognize when to use your improved counselling skills and interventions.