The Power to Choose Program (TM)
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The Power to Choose Program(TM) with Tammy De Mirza, globally known as the Freedom Alchemist(TM). The more aware you become of your patterns, the more empowered you become in changing them. Get the guidance you need to consciously create your own reality. Feeling, stuck, lost or confused can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. As a professional intuitive, spiritual teacher and relationship expert, I have created this amazing program to help you step into a place of self-awareness and conscious living. Are you aware of what you are creating? Are you clear on what you want and what you need? Do you know who you are and do you see the signs the physical is showing you as to what choices you are making, whether consciously or unconsciously? Do you feel that you might need some help in knowing these things and more? Then this program is for you. You will receive an entire year's worth of videos and practical integration on how to reflect, ponder, question and challenge how you choose to live each day. Become aware of what life is showing you, and learn how to make real change. This program was written to help you engrain with consistent content intended to do in bi-weekly increments. The repetition of going into the course again and again, will change your life. It teaches you how to look at your life, how to pay attention and how to be present so that you can see what is going on and therefore change it. You cannot change, that which you cannot see! THIS PROGRAM WILL TEACH YOU THE FOLLOWING:*How to make better decisions *How to minimize distractions *How to build the the discipline to develop a self-caring attitude*How to reduce stress *How to create the relationship you want with yourself and others We hope you enjoy this course and would love to know how you change your life. Namaste - Tammy