Financial Advisor Training: Attract New Investment Assets
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Attracting investment assets, for most clients, is the ultimate test of how much trust you've built in the relationship. A person will not give you charge of a million-dollar-plus portfolio unless he really feels comfortable with the relationship. He might decide that he will buy a little bit of insurance from you or try a little bit of this or a little bit of that, but the ultimate test of how the relationship is set up is this: is he willing actually to turn over the nest egg to you?Scale your Business with your Existing ClientsBringing in investment assets is the best way to create recurring revenue for your practice. Recurring revenue means you actually have an opportunity to go back and build, maintain, and grow a relationship and get paid for it every single time you show up, without regard to what transaction gets it done. This arrangement takes a lot of the pressure off of you. It allows you to reinvest in your business, staff, office space, marketing, and whatever else helps your business because you have repeatable, recurring revenue that you can count on. It's much easier to maintain a relationship with your existing client than to find a new relationship with a brand new client each time. Revenue associated with maintaining a relationship is much more enjoyable from that standpoint. Most of our clients have more assets than their current lifestyle allows. You want to make sure they don't ever look back and say, "Gosh, I wasn't efficient here. I didn't get the most out of my life here. I could have gotten more." This program will show you how to help your clients get the most out of their lives. It will give you a system to teach your clients context and perspective by helping them determine whether their wealth actually aligns with their core values or not. It helps them get the most that they possibly can get out of life, given the resources available to them right now. That's what you'll be able to do for your clients. Why Rule the Room Financial?There are three key reasons why Rule the Room Financial is different: You'll learn WHY it works. We don't just show you how to do it or what to do. We tell you WHY it works so you can learn to "fish" on your own. You'll learn in YOUR unique communication style. We all communicate differently. That's why every lesson is taught with four unique selling styles (fascinator, performer, inspirer, and energizer) taught by four of the top producing financial advisors in the country: Katherine Forrester, Chris Koon, Karl Dettmann, and Matt Heckmann. You'll be able to APPLY practical techniques right away. This training actually makes sense. World-renowned trainer, Jason Teteak, is able to decode the magic that happens when top reps are meeting with their clients. He then bottles up the secret sauce and presents it to you so you can easily understand how to use it in your own style and apply it to any situation. As a collective group, we have come up with some amazing things. The techniques in this program will help you attract new investment assets. It is exciting to see what will be uncovered.