TikTok Live Shopping Masterclass: All about TikTok shop
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Do you want to sell products on TikTok? TikTok has become the most popular App in the world, TikTok. Com's traffic in 2021 even exceeded Google's. At the same time, the development of live shopping in China is in full swing, with annual sales exceeding 100 billion US dollars. Especially in the Chinese version of TikTok: Douyin App. Bob, vice president of TikTok and head of e-commerce, said at the private sharing meeting of cross-border businesses in China:' Tiktok e-commerce will open 20 countries in 2022 and enter major global mainstream markets in the next five years, with a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars.'As of January 1, 2022, TikTok e-commerce has been opened to the United States, Britain and Indonesia. However, social platform e-commerce has developed in China for nearly three years, and the industry has developed very mature, including live commerce, online window shopping, short video commerce, etc. Now is the best time to join TikTok e-commerce industry. You may not know where and how to start. It doesn't matter. Here is a video course to explain the live commerce in detail. It is based on the summary of live shopping on Chinese TikTok(Douyin App). It contains ten topics as follows:1. Start live shopping with zero basis.2. Detailed explanation of livestreaming shopping room construction and equipments.3. Referral traffic for live room and sidelights in the live.4. Pricing guide for livestreaming shopping products and high transaction package.5. Live shopping process and high transaction script(Part I).6. Live shopping process and high transaction script(Part II).7. Cooperation skills of interactive order promotion which host and assistants are often used.8. Taboos of live streaming shopping and avoidance of minefields.9. Ten rules of live commerce(shopping) and TikTok marketing.10. TikTok's recommendation algorithm and rules. TikTok and Douyin are twin Apps which were developed by the same team. The recommended algorithms and operation modes are similar. This course is very suitable for TikTok. In addition, Facebook and instagram also announced the launch of Facebook shop and instagram shop, which will strengthen the promotion of e-commerceIf you are TikTok /Amazon/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube celebrity, anyone interested in learning TikTok for business or anyone who wants to sell products on TikTok /Amazon/Facebook /Instagram/Youtube, welcome to learn this course. By learning this course, you can quickly master the skills of operating social media e-commerce. Now is the best time to join the live shopping(commerce) industry. What are you waiting for? Click the link to learn the course.