TradingView Pine Script Programming: The Complete Course


Pine Script is the door to access TradingView's most advanced features and in this Pine Script course, you'll learn to master it in a way you've never seen before! This Pine Script course will teach you how to master TradingView's powerful charting platform to develop custom strategies, tools, and indicators without prior programming experience.Pine Script allows you to turn all of your strategies into practical indicators, making you a master in technical analysis. Also, you can turn almost any formula or any idea online into a pinescript indicator and test it for yourself in order to see how valid that idea is.As algo trading becomes more popular, the need for algo developers familiar with Pine Scrip is also increasing, so your new Pine Script skill can be monetized in many different ways, from developing your own custom premium indicators to sell for a fee, to your own dedicated private pinescript codes or even jobs that require PineScript development.Follow me and my practical lessons and examples as I take you from the basic concepts of the Pine Script language to advanced strategies and functions, helping you understand and visualize Pinescrip in a way that has never been done before, especially if you're new to programming in general. Here's what you're going to learn in each module: