Financial Advisor Training: Practice Management Pro
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This program is when you start to gain a lot more control over your business. When you're new in the business, you're given the ark. You're given the framework for running a practice. Now, it's time for you to build your own ark - to learn the art of building the elements you need to ensure all the critical pieces are in order every step of the sales process. What your corporate office provides for you hits its limits pretty fast. Sooner than you might be ready for, you're off the tap. It can be scary, but it is also empowering. This is when you start to gain a lot more control over your business. Successful practice management enables your business run itself even, and especially, when you're not there. Other programs teach you what to do with capacity. This program teaches you how to increase capacity. This program will start to unleash the limitless possibilities of this business in your practice. When you're leveraging corporate staff, the leash is a lot shorter. This program extends that leash and helps you to eventually function without it. This program will increase your capacity for success.   After interviewing hundreds of advisors, we discovered the top seventeen things advisors worry about when starting to build their own practice. Ask yourself if you have ever had any of the following concerns."I'm not ready.""I'm not smart enough.""I don't have enough money in my bank account yet.""My staff isn't smart enough.""Stuff is already falling through the cracks.""I don't know how much more risk I can take.""I need a vacation.""Here we go again.""I thought I was finally going to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.""I don't have anything more to give.""My house of cards is going to be exposed.""I don't have the support I need to take it to the next level.""I'm fine where I am.""I don't know where to start.""I've tried everything already.""There are not enough hours in the day to expand.""My market isn't strong enough to expand my business."We'll address each of these seventeen concerns, and more, in this program. You'll learn how to expand your business plan and establish financial. Most gurus just say, "here's the gold dust," but many advisors don't know what to do with the treasure, or it simply doesn't work. The point is that the gurus often don't give adequate explanation as to why something works. However, in this program, we will break down each and every technique to make it simple for you to understand. We will tell you why it works so that you can apply your knowledge to new situations day after day. In each circumstance, you will know how to expand your business plan to support long-term growth, while developing and maintaining financial controls that will allow you stay around in the long-term. Here are the seventeen new mindsets this program will help you achieve:"I am ready to stand on my own two feet.""I am smart enough to solve my own problems.""I don't need money in my bank account to stand on my own two feet.""My staff is capable of running independently."The cracks are being filled.""Standing on my own two feet will only help reduce risk, not increase it.""Empowering my business to run itself will allow me to take a vacation.""What a great opportunity to get off the hamster wheel!""By being independently successful, I will truly get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.""By claiming my independence, I will create new capacity.""It was never really a house of cards; I'm the reason for the success.""I don't need additional support to take it to the next level.""I want to grow and develop an independent practice.""I have many options when it comes to where to start.""I'm just getting started.""By standing on my own two feet, I will recover precious time.""My market is sufficient to support expanding my business."Specifically, In this Program, You'll Learn How To: Session #1: Begin With the End in MindGain clarity around your successZero in on your happinessVisualize your freedomSession #2: Expand Your Professional DevelopmentBecome relevant with industry designationsSeparate yourself with professional self-developmentRise to the top with personal self-developmentSession #3: Create a Staffing ModelDetermine whether to hire or leverage staffFigure out your next couple hiresCreate the position descriptionsSession #4: Be Proactive with Client ManagementEstablish a client/year target revenueEstablish client segmentationGet rid of the boat anchor clientsSession #5: Make your Client Meetings More ImpactfulMake every meeting countHave an expected outcome to every meetingImpact clients in a positive light to create changeSession #6: Establish Accountability and Follow-ThruList out to-do's and accountability itemsSet up accountability for your accountability itemsEnsure follow-thru for your to-do's deadlinesSession #8: Stop the BleedingIdentify where you're weak enforcing financial boundariesEstablish healthy financial and time boundariesImplement a process to enforce those boundaries. Session #9: Forecast RevenueIdentify tangible revenue metricsIdentify existing sources of revenueForecast future sources of revenueSession #10: Reinvest in the BusinessDetermine percentage of money to reinvest back in your businessEstablish the minimum return on investmentHold yourself accountable to reinvesting in the businessSession #11 and 12: Demystify Marketing ExpensesFigure out what marketing money is being spent whereDetermine revenue generated from clients in that areaAssess whether it makes sense to continue marketing in that areaSession #13: Maximize Accounting and BookkeepingMake sure you have the right accountant and bookkeeperGain knowledge on the rules of accounting and bookkeepingMaximize your accounting and bookkeepingWhy Rule the Room Financial?There are three key reasons why Rule the Room Financial is different: You'll learn WHY it works. We don't just show you how to do it or what to do. We tell you WHY it works so you can learn to "fish" on your own. You'll learn in YOUR unique communication style. We all communicate differently. That's why every lesson is taught with four unique selling styles (fascinator, performer, inspirer, and energizer) taught by four of the top producing financial advisors in the country: Katherine Forrester, Chris Koon, Karl Dettmann, and Matt Heckmann. You'll be able to APPLY practical techniques right away. This training actually makes sense. World-renowned trainer, Jason Teteak, is able to decode the magic that happens when top reps are meeting with their clients. He then bottles up the secret sauce and presents it to you so you can easily understand how to use it in your own style and apply it to any situation. How is Build Your Ark: Elite Practice Management Pro Different?This program is going to transform how you approach practice management. You'll learn new techniques to expand your business plan, establish financial controls, and ultimately build an ark. This course is going to pay for itself in no time and is exactly what you need to grow your practice. You may have seen other "gurus" teach you how to fact find. Chances are, they gave you their language, and you may even use it verbatim. But, there is a 75% chance that they didn't give you the right language for your style. One of these four communication styles will be right up your alley, and the others will offer good insight and complement the things you're already doing. Most gurus don't explain why it works, they just assure you that it does. If you're going to make up your own language, you need to understand why it works. The reason we are so excited to have you see John, Karl, Matt, and Chris dive in to this is that through the process of being taught by them, you will find pieces of gold within you that you didn't even know were there. These discoveries will help you become a better advisor. We're going to prove it in this program, with real case studies that will give you some amazing ideas for your own practice. Our team has come up with some really fantastic material. The techniques in this program will help you expand your business plan and establish financial controls. It is exciting to think about what you will uncover. Testimonials"This program has given me tactical, real techniques that have not only helped me survive but thrive better in this career. It also enabled me to embrace my natural style and find leaders who I can more easily emulate to propel my business further, faster."    -Jessica Veitch, Financial Planner"I want to tell you how much the Rule the Room session helped me with my phoning. I've already met my weekly phoning goal and you, the speakers, and the program have given me the drive to surpass it today. I feel like a weight's been lifted from my shoulders and can't believe how easy phoning is now. THANK YOU!"    -Jolie P. LaBarre, Financial Planner"What you guys are doing is absolutely crucial to the success and growth of financial planners. I truly believe that you all will eventually replace all of fast tracks training and significantly modify red letter."    -Scott Dunlap, Financial AdvisorLet's get started!...