Elementary School (Basic Math): 1-Digit Addition (objects)!
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In this asynchronous learning class we will have a blast learning how to add 1-digit numbers using objects.  This is a basic addition class (no word problems).  We will use household items like colorful straws to help us add.  There will be pre-recorded, engaging learning videos posted in the classroom.  Watch and engage with the videos at the time that is most convenient for you.  That's one thing I love about video classes.  Everybody's schedule is different, and we live in different time zones, so it makes it easier when we can focus on our learning when it is best for us to.  There will be one fun learning activity provided at the end of our class.  The instructions for how to complete the learning activity is in video format.  The learning activities are optional. Class learning objective: Learn how to solve basic addition problems by adding 1-digit numbers (0-9) together using colorful straws (non-word problems). This class is loaded with fun!  It is important that we learn and master basic addition in order to be able to move to more complex math skills.  I hope your engines are ready!  I hope you're ready for blast off!  This is going to be an experience that you've never been a part of before!  I'm ready, and I hope you are too!  Ok learners... It's time!  The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here!  You are going to enjoy this journey!  The only requirement is: Come ready to have fun!  I'll take care of the rest!  Let's get ready to learn how to add! I'm so excited about this class!  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you soon!  See you all in class!