QuickBooks Online Sales Tax Expert Course


Would you like to be able to handle EVERY POSSIBLE sales tax type of transaction or issue in QuickBooks ONLINE?This QuickBooks video training tutorial is a step-by-step course shows you exactly how to record and manage ANY sales tax related situation when using QuickBooks ONLINE for their business.You need only the smallest basic experience using QuickBooks Online To be able to learn all the sales tax topics you need in QuickBooks Online. This course will give you the clearest possible explanation You will learn:AN OVERVIEW OF WHAT SALES TAX ISHOW TO ACTIVATE SALES TAX CENTER IN QUICKBOOKS ONLINEHOW TO USE ADJUST THE SALES TAX SETTINGS IN Q.B.OHOW TO RECORD TAXABLE SALES ON INVOICES AND SALES RECEIPTSHOW TO MAKE SPECIFIC CLIENTS / CUSTOMERS "NON-TAXABLE" STATUSHOW TO MAKE SPECIFIC ITEMS OF SERVICE OR PRODUCTS NON-TAXABLEHOW TO MANAGE MULTIPLE SALES TAX AGENCIES AND RATES IN THE SALES TAX CENTERMAKING CUSTOM SALES TAX RATESMAKING COMBINED SALES TAX RATESHOW TO RECORD PAYING SALES TAXHOW TO MANAGE CASH METHOD VS ACCRUAL METHOD OF REPORTING AND PAYING SALES TAXCOLLECTING AND PAYING FEDERAL EXCISE SALES TAXCOLLECTING AND PAYING "OUT OF SCOPE" SALES TAXHOW TO ADJUST SALES TAX PAYABLE FOR REFUNDS, CREDITS AND PENALTIESHOW TO RECORD A MAXIMUM SALES TAXHOW TO RECORD MULTIPLE SALES TAX IN 1 SALEThese QuickBooks sales tax lessons are made with QuickBooks ONLINE for windows. However, the ideas apply to QuickBooks desktop as well as QuickBooks for Macintosh and Enterprise solutions.You Can Also take the QuickBooks DESKTOP Sales Tax course that shows these very same topics in QuickBooks Online.I'm right here for you if you have any questions or need support. I hope you learn well and enjoy the course!-Mark