ChatGPT Complete Course - Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT


Embark on a transformative journey into AI with Mike Wheeler, your guide in this Udemy Best Seller course on ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering. As an experience instructor who has taught well over 300,000 students, Mike unveils the secrets of developing your own custom GPTs, ensuring your skills shine in the thriving digital marketplace. This course will get your familiar with Generative AI and the effective use of ChatGPT and is perfect for the beginner. You will also learn advanced prompting techniques to take your Prompt Engineering skills to the next level!This course is broken into the following sections, one section building upon the next:Introduction to ChatGPTUsing ChatGPT for CommunicationUsing ChatGPT for Career AdvancementUsing ChatGPT for Basic CodingChatGPT Prompt Engineering and DesignEngineering Prompts for Learning with Focus PromptsShots and CoTs - Types of Prompts IntroductionChatGPT for TechnologyCracking the Code - Intermediate Development with ChatGPTUsing ChatGPT for Data Management and VisualizationAdvanced ChatGPT Development TechniquesExtending ChatGPT and UpdatesMy GPTs and the ChatGPT Store - Custom GPTsThe curriculum keeps pace with the rapid advancements of ChatGPT and is updated often. This provides you with the most up-to-date knowledge and practical ChatGPT skills. Whether your goal is career advancement, business growth, or simply a passion for AI, Mike's hands-on approach will empower you to leverage ChatGPT to its fullest potential.From initiating your free ChatGPT account to delving into the nuances of OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus, enjoy tailored insights to help you navigate and excel in the world of AI.Newly updated to cover custom GPT creation using ChatGPT's GPT Builder, along with publishing to the GPT Store.